Marketing for Humans Boutique Coaching Program

Get great clients by marketing to your strengths.

This is about showing the depth and beauty of your work.

You create powerful results for your clients every day. But you’re not showing up that way in your marketing. I get it. Marketing yourself is like being inside a ketchup bottle and reading the label.

In order to show the power and gorgeousness of your work, you need to know:

  • The unique quality of your voice (yes, you have an innate way of standing out!)
  • A content-rich marketing strategy that plays to your strengths (think giving talks, doing podcasts, hosting events, writing articles, conducting interviews, etc.)
  • A way to honor your energy levels – a key for those days where no one seems to care

Your marketing plan needs to include all these things, otherwise it will be like everyone else.

It has to get you clients but also show the magic and power of what you do.

We all want to connect with the brilliance of your work.

Make it easy on us. Imagine…

  • When you create content, it’s way more than just smart. Your audience loves it and doesn’t even know why. More, please!
  • You need less coffee – because you have a well-chosen marketing strategy that plays to your strengths. It energizes you.
  • You feel steady, even in the face of uncertainty and rejection thanks to the mindset work based in limitless generosity. You’re that impressive leader that remains unphased. Yup, that’s you.

That’s why I created the Marketing for Humans
Boutique Coaching program

I want my clients to step up as thought-leaders and get the right clients with strengths they don’t even realize they have.

In this program, you discover – 

The power of your voice

I call this your deep marketing archetype. I have a delightful, sneak-attack way of uncovering this.

Your compelling message

This flows out of your deep marketing archetype.

Your one strategy

This shows you as a leader and way to for people to consistently see your work and choose to work with you. We work closely together to determine this. I take this very seriously – it becomes your marketing lifestyle.

Your wellbeing as an entrepreneur

That helps you avoid marketing burnout. Marketing is a long game, so your energy level matters

You know that deep satisfaction from working with clients (on most days!)?

THAT’s the experience you can have when you market and get clients.

We want the caring, creative expert and change-maker that is you. Ready to show up that way?

If you’d like help with this,
let’s talk

Sign up for a 30-Minute Marketing Intro Session.

In this session, we address:

  • What’s going on: Your current business needs
  • What’s next
  • Reflections on your marketing archetype (from the assessment).
  • How we might work together
  • Next steps

You do good in the world.
Your clients thank you regularly.

Let’s get you out there so more people can benefit from what you do.

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