Who Am I? When Your Marketing Genius Reveals Who You Are

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Last week during an intense northeasterly snow storm, one of my clients started his session thinking he was coming to talk about marketing, but instead ended up wrestling with his life purpose.  He has spent years on a more academic path but recently, decided to make a better living in an industry that allowed him more time freedom and the ability to craft his own brand: real estate. A crunchy and down-to-earth type, he is now wrestling with being in an industry of polished real estate professionals.

This questioning had sent him down an existential rabbit hole causing him to wonder about who he really is.  In my experience, existential rabbit holes do not make for powerful marketing!  How could he develop a strong marketing presence if he questioned his own purpose? Struggling publicly makes people want to help you or ignore you and that’s probably not the result you want.

We worked on his marketing genius anyway, because when you discover this innate quality, it also offers deeper answers of purpose.

In the session, I had him focus on the 3 components of his marketing genius.  1. The love he has for his offerings. 2. A healthy number of people ready for his offerings and 3. A joy in the very act of offering.  These aren’t simply words. They are ways of being in the world.

To be honest, each component was a challenge for him. A very smart man, he found it tough to stop the all the wise, intellectual messages in his mind and just experience what was there.  I always guide my clients to get to a deep, visceral experience of their generosity.  It can’t just be a nice idea, it has to be something deeper.  This real estate agent is a master of nice ideas, and it was an adventure for him to get present and let the ideas land for real, especially the nice idea of a good number of folks being ready for his offerings.

Incidentally, one of the reasons I am very intent on guiding people is that we all have so many nice ideas about how things should go, but unless we own them in a deeper way, not much changes.

After a courageous journey, my client found his marketing genius: sharing the good life in a way that is warm and tender, like an intimate hug.  At first, he recoiled. It felt too intense and vulnerable. What agent offers warm hugs?  Then again, what does a real estate agent really offer? A sense of home. That is a warm hug for clients.  And you don’t have to go around hugging people to give them the warm fuzzies.

His strategy reflected his warm hug of his community. 

To create his metaphoric warm hug, he will be fostering partnerships in his community. He will be connecting entrepreneurs and forward-thinkers with each other, building trust and getting known. This is super easy because he does this all day long and loves it. He will also offer an ongoing educational series about making smart real estate decisions.  For his social media, he will use his deep-thinking skills to ponder the theme of home from multiple angles – historical, philosophical, emotional, literary, etc. – and then share this. He will be the deep thinking, huggable real estate professional. Talk about standing out!

One week later, his existential angst had all but evaporated.  By allowing himself to simply care about creating a positive impact on his community, his marketing genius, i.e. his innate generosity, became his deeper purpose. The northeasterly blizzard had passed, and so had his internal storm of thoughts.

What is your marketing genius?