Marketing through Community Involvement

Christina Frei

Last spring, I met Valerie King and Josie Ambroise of VK Realty Group, two sisters selling real estate in the most economically diverse areas in the U.S.  (Fairfield County, CT) They are in the top 5% of Keller Williams producers.

I regularly feature them as a case study in my talks since they are brilliant at marketing and demonstrate the Celebrator Innate Marketing Genius type.  I knew they cared about social issues in their community. So how do they thrive in that particular environment and how to they market while giving back? I wanted to know.

So I interviewed them for my new podcast, Marketing for Humans. 

Valerie and Josie make a difference in people’s lives and thrive as real estate agents. Here is the interview. Be sure to check out their social media links in the show notes, and even the video of the interview. 

My whole point is to show you that you can do this too.  You can make a difference in your community and thrive in your business. Let’s talk about how.