Marketing Strategy Session

Find Your True Marketing Genius

You have magic within you. I call it your “Marketing Genius,” but really, it’s magic.

It’s the way you come alive when you connect with potential clients.

It’s how you bring your best stuff to the table for people you can help.

It’s what makes marketing not feel like marketing. It’s simply a natural reflection of your brilliance.

My job is to take you on an adventure to discover it. Just call me your wilderness guide.

I use a powerful practice that I developed called the Generosity Practice. It fosters your imagination, your will, your love of connecting, and your belief that you can make a positive change in someone’s life.

You will arrive at a mindset where your authentic marketing genius emerges. It will surprise you and it won’t surprise you. That’s what happens when you tap your natural strategy.

From here, we create a boots-on-the-ground marketing strategy for the next few months (or even year). You will leave energized, inspired, and excited to connect with your people. Ready?

Your 90-Minute Marketing Strategy Session includes:.

  • Discover your authentic marketing genius, a.k.a. your magic. This is the inner work.
  • Create a core marketing strategy for a steady stream of clients. This is the outer work.
  • A printable workbook with your strategy that you can use moving forward.
  • Finding out how to connect with prospects in a noisy marketing universe.
  • Options to work together, if it’s a good fit.

Let’s do this!

Investment: $250