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A Micro Audio SummitTM

This is where practical marketing strategy
meets values-based messaging.

Discover how to sell, do social media, write emails and more – ALL in trust-building, heart-centered ways. 

Christina Frei

Brand + Marketing Specialist

On Thursday, May 9th, get unlimited access to SEVEN binge-worthy audio trainings by leading experts in marketing and sales.

  • Listen as many times as you want ~ whenever you want
  • Access to exclusive free resources & limited-time offers.

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You’re Gonna Fall in Love with these Experts! 

Which one to listen to first?!

Chelsea Fournier

Business Strategist and Marketing Agency Owner

Email with Heart: What if you let email marketing be easy?

Want the perfect strategy for emailing your list, but you never truly get started? Chelsea shares 3 options to engage with your email subscribers, and get traction to see if it’s working. You’ll discover an  encouraging newsletter style to stay relevant & top of mind.

Kate Gilbert

Social Media Expert

Social Media with Heart: Shift your social media mindset

You don’t have to hate social media. By changing the way we think about it, we can show up, connect with our audience, and actually enjoy it!  Kate helps you get out of your “social media rut” to post high-quality, engaging social media content that gets results.

Christine McShane

Copywriter, Content Writer, & Brand Photographer

Networking with Heart – How to Find and Truly Connect with the Right People in 2024

Want to get more out of networking?  Christine shares how to approach networking from a new place of human connection  – and how to use your existing networks in a new way.

Vicki O’Neill

Video Marketing Expert

Crafting Authentic Connections: The Power of Sincere Video Marketing

Sincere Video Marketing: Making Videos for Authentic Connection

In an era where digital saturation often leaves audiences feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, the art of sincere video content emerges as the way to authenticity and connection. The transformative potential of video content that prioritizes heart, authenticity, and genuine storytelling and show how forging stronger, more meaningful connections with audiences is a way to increase connection, relationships and opportunities. 

Wendy Webb

Holistic Web Designer

Websites with Heart: Website Design with Wildness and Tranquility

Create a visually stunning website but also establish a purpose-driven online space. Get a fun introduction to Holistic Web Design and how it helps with brand photography, messaging, blog writing, email campaigns and much more! 

Stacey Walker

Sales Coach

Sell with Heart: Weaving Values into Sales

Worried you’ll never be a good salesperson because you hate persuading? or you don’t want to appear pushy and driven by the dollar? This session will empower you to sell from your core ethical principles. You will learn how to create trust with potential clients, negotiate fairly, and develop a reputation for reliability and honesty, pivotal to long-term relationships and success.

Christina Frei

Branding & Marketing Specialist

Marketing with Your Heart: How to Discover Your Authentic Voice

What if your marketing came from your deepest desire to help others? Christina introduces you to a magic process that reveals your deep Marketing Archetype. This is the heavy lifting that makes all the rest of your marketing a cake walk. Enjoy learning her secret sauce that she uses with every boutique client.

This is not your “typical” virtual summit.

This is not:

A “glue-your-eyes-to-the-screen-watching-videos-till-you-go-cross-eyed” kind of event. In fact, there are ZERO videos. Just pop in your earbuds, and you’re all set!

One of those summits jam-packed with extra events or wild schedules that’ll make you question if you’ve got the time for all that jazz.

A promo-heavy, “empty-your-pockets-and-buy-my-stuff” sales fest masquerading as a learning event. We’re here for the knowledge, folks!

A ticking time bomb, where you lose access after 48 hours unless you snag that VIP upgrade. We’re all about inclusivity here!

This is a Micro Audio Summit.

In a nutshell, a Micro Audio Summit is a small-scale, easy-to-consume collaborative training event.

  • You can listen just like a podcast — in your car, walking the dog, cooking dinner, etc.)
  • Each interview is highly-actionable and full of ready-to-use tactics. (So have a notebook handy!)

This is a hand-picked lineup of experts for you to learn from. You will not have “information overload” and so you’re more likely to actually take action and implement on what you learn.

And we don’t ask you buy a VIP Pass to keep access. As long as you register by May 13th, you’ll keep your access to the interviews so you can listen on repeat!