Key Questions for Nurturers:

  1. What are the top stresses for your people?
  2. How do you enjoy helping them find peace with those?
  3. What kind of sanctuary do you love to provide most? (e.g. a space to create ideas, a space to thrive, a space to connect, a space to know your inner magic, a true home)
  4. What is your favorite way to provide this sanctuary?
  5. How might all this translate into a marketing tactic?

Write down the answers for some great marketing ideas.

Possible Directions:

  • Write an article on a controversial topic that offers relief and nourishment.
  • Hold an event in a place of beauty and sanctuary that provides community.
  • Give such great customer service that your people sing your praises and create clients for you.
  • Have a webinar that assures people they can do something challenging.
  • Start a radio show / podcast that features inspirational folks.
  • Meet with community members one on one and find ways to move them forward.

Let’s Talk about this:

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