You’re a Nurturer. It’s who you are. You create space for others to feel safe and to thrive. Take a moment and think about how important that is.

The world needs your work, and needs to know you’re here. It’s time to market from your deepest why as a Nurturer. Let’s do this. Watch 3 Marketing Must-Haves for Every Nurturer (23 minutes) to see inside the program.

One-Pay Option $149 (Best Value!)

Two-Pay Option $85/Month for 2 months

This includes 3 months of membership to the Nurturer Marketing Facebook Group ($24/month after that for Founding Members).

The Nurturer Marketing Program is 100% online, with self-directed modules and live webinars with me, where you will…

  1. Know your innate strengths (this is about taking care of your naturally giving self)
  2. Connect first – with yourself, with your deepest why, with your people
  3. Get clear, actionable strategy for a range of marketing channels, including talks, newsletter, social media, and events
  4. Get guidance on planning out your entire marketing year
  5. Enjoy community engagement and support on Facebook and Zoom calls

Specifically, you will be guided to…

  1. Write a heartfelt, relevant newsletter every time
  2. Craft a talk that will own the room as you nurture
  3. Generate a plan for your entire year, so you are clear on your priorities as a Nurturer
  4. Decide once and for all how you want to show up on social media (and get into action)
  5. Create events authentic to your Nurturer self
  6. Honor the 3 must haves of every Nurturer (seriously, you can’t step over these)

One-Pay Option $149 (Best Value!)

Two-Pay Option $85/Month for 2 months

Watch this 23-minute webinar on the 3 Marketing Must-Haves for Every Nurturer to see inside the program.

Buying this program gives you permanent access to the content, wherever and whenever you need it. It’s set up as a toolbox, so if you need a little social media inspiration, or guidance on how to prepare for a webinar or event, you can pull up those modules as many times as you need them.

Who doesn’t need an on-demand pep talk every now and again, right?

Once you’re marketing from your deepest why, that’s where the magic begins. This program is a $149 investment  (one-pay option) worth making.

The world needs Nurturers. The world needs YOU, my friend. It’s time to dig deep and get out there. (See inside the program here: 3 Marketing Must-Haves for Every Nurturer )

The Nurturer Marketing Program

One-Pay Option $149 (Best Value!)

Two-Pay Option $85/Month for 2 months

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