Podcast Questions

Here is a start for your pre-interview with Christina Frei.

  1. Tell us about your work. How do you help people?
  2. What do most people not realize about your business ? (Misconceptions)
  3. What is your unique stance on your business? (As opposed to competitors)
  4. What are your main marketing vehicles currently?
  5. What kinds of messaging do you offer mostly? (Deep information, invitations to events, assurance, new perspectives, challenge to go bigger, etc)
  6. How do you make decisions on how to market? (With all the shiny toys of marketing)
  7. What are some ways you continuously build trust with your community?
  8. What are some things you’ve learned about how your clients make decisions?
  9. What are the good habits you use to create effective marketing and build your business?
  10. What is your favorite productivity tool? (low tech or high tech)
  11. What is the thing you are geeking out about these days?

This is not set in stone. Just meant to give you some ideas. Talk soon!

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