The Pressure to Create Fresh Content

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A large, dark cloud of hovers over you as you hunch in a corner of a dungeon.  The cloud whispers that you’re doomed as you start muttering, “I have to get my newsletter out. I have to get my newsletter out. I have to…” Sweat pours down your back as you try to get a clear idea of what to write about.

Suddenly, a blinding flash knocks you out of your stupor and you see striped socks and purple velvet old-fashioned heels.

You: Marketing Fairy Godmother! 

MFG: Just in the nick of time, I see. [hands you a towel to wipe your face]

You: How did you know I needed you?

MFG: I have my ways [reaches out a hand to pull you out of the dungeon, leading you up the stairs into the main parlor where you both sit on comfortable antique chairs]. Now my dear, why is your newsletter troubling you?

You: OK, I know what my Innate Marketing Genius is, I have relevant content from my journaling, AND I even have a marketing hub, but still wrestle with staying on message.

MFG: I’m guessing you’re worried about sounding fresh. You’re afraid that you’re boring people.

You: Exactly. If I “stay on message,” it’ll sound repetitive. 

MFG: Well, I have pleasant news for you.  [smooths out her bright lavender gown]  This is more simple than you imagine.

You: Really?

MFG: You might consider that your area of expertise is just that: yours.How many times a day do you think your audience obsesses about it? Not nearly as often as you, even though it affects them.  They are not the expert of this area.  This is good news for you. 

You think you have to impress them, as though they were fellow professionals, but typically, they just need basic reminders to stay on track. You might find the basics boring, but they don’t.

Also, keeping things simple brings relief (simplicity takes its own kind of effort, as you know), and that relief will pre-dispose people towards you.

You: So don’t worry about boring them?

MFG: If you understand what’s top-of-mind for your clients and prospects, you know your Innate Marketing Genius, you’ve written your newsletters by hand, and you have a healthy marketing hub, then all you have to do is visit and re-visit your material regularly. 

You: I like that idea. Writing a newsletter can be very scattering. What a relief to keep things simple and focused.

MFG: You’re already there. Simply pick off some crumbs from your luscious marketing cake (which you’ve already created and don’t need to re-invent), and you’ve got your material. Can you let it be that easy? 

You: [sigh] I am so used to struggling since it feels key to ambition, so it is pretty weird to relax.

MFG: That’s why I brought your favorite.

You: Rosemary lemon scones?

MFG: Precisely. With a matcha green tea smoothie chaser.

You: You certainly are hip, Marketing Fairy Godmother.

MFG: And not just in marketing.

I work with clients to unveil their Innate Marketing Genius so that marketing is an integrated part of doing business (not one more thing to do). This increases the commitment and quality of clients.  If you are ready to step up your business, let’s talk