Ride the Elephant of Your Marketing

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The night is thick with humidity as you hear thundering steps come closer. Out of the dense branches, an elephant appears.  You can just make it out in the dark gloom.

But instead of running from it, you swing a rope around its neck and expertly sail up to sit on its back. Perched on high, you set off through the forest dodging tree branches and large insects.

Suddenly, another elephant bounds up next to you. Seated on it is a woman in a red puffy gown.

You: Marketing Fairy Godmother!

MFG: But, of course. So, an elephant ride?

You: Yes. Isn’t this the greatest? This is what my marketing feels like!  I’ve realized I’m an Adventure Guide.* And I haven’t stopped since!

MFG: [you both duck to avoid a snake unravelling from a nearby tree branch] Wonderful. Er…what has been happening?

You: Well! I realized I had been acting like a Door Opener in my Facebook Live campaigns. Each week, I would introduce a new idea, a new way to do something, a new perspective…and no one cared.

MFG: Go on [expertly guiding her elephant through a narrow gap between two trees]

You: But, then I remembered, I’m an Adventure Guide. I’m keenly aware of the adventures my clients could be having. You know, the goals they could be reaching for and they just don’t see it?  So now, I decided to go back to that. I challenge them. I do these 15-, 30- and 90- day challenges where I lay out the goal, show them how powerful it is, and then check back in.

MFG: Let me guess, people love it?

You: Not only that, but they’re telling their friends and asking me for even tougher challenges that I could charge more for.  It’s also a great way to introduce people to my work so that the right people hire me. And they do.

MFG: You really are getting the hang of this.

You: As an Adventure Guide, I LOVE this stuff.  What is better than watching people go for it? This is what I’m good at.  Thanks, MFG, for revealing this to me.

MFG: You are most welcome. Well, my dear, let’s pause and celebrate, shall we?  [you stop and MFG whips out a tray with tea and scones and sets it on a large branch ]

You: [taking a bite] Ooh, spicy! Is that jalapeno and turmeric?

MFG: Indeed. With some strong earl grey.

You: Perfect!

Stop the suffering, the time-wasting, and the pandering, and start operating from your Innate Marketing Genius now.  You’ve got important work to do. Let’s do this. 

*This is an Innate Marketing Genius type. Click here to find out more about these types.