Self-Study Options

Know Your Marketing Archetype? Get the Intro Workbook.

You know your marketing style, thanks to the Marketing Archetype assessment. Now let’s put it to work. Discover all your strengths, what you DON’T need to do, and strategic questions to generate content.  

The Generosity Practice 30-Day Mastery Program

This mindset program is your playground for sustainable leadership. No need to be an exhausted martyr. No need for a gigantic bank account. In ten minutes a day, you build courage, strengthen your will, and generate ideas that will have you changing lives without running yourself down.

The Generosity Practice Book: 40 Days to Unstoppable

Based on Christina Frei’s two field studies held in five countries, her online Generosity Practice mastery program, 20 years of mindfulness training, and her work with hundreds of marketing clients, this book gently teaches this practice and helps you make it part of your life in 40 Days.

One Voice One Strategy Self-Study Program

This is my proven method for authentic, high-impact marketing that motivates clients to buy AND motivates you to share your gifts with the world.

Your natural talents + dedication to your clients = marketing that connects because it’s REAL. (And real fun, too.)

After all, the best marketing is the marketing you actually do.

Until now this method has only been available in my boutique 4-month coaching program. But I’ve distilled all the Innate Marketing Genius magic into an affordable online program that you can do on your own time and see equally amazing results.

Marketing for Humans Podcast

Hear how business owners market for humans in this podcast.

Marketing for Humans is about human-scale marketing between humans. Trust is your currency as a service-based business owner. If you can make a difference in potential clients’ lives, they will want to do business with you. But how to do this? Chances are, you are not accessing one of your biggest superpowers: your Innate Marketing Genius. I talk about this with business owners, sharing the secrets of owning your voice and landing on one core strategy that brings in great clients.

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