Signature Talks

Here are topics I cover in my talks:

Market as a Compelling Expert: Get Great Clients by Being You

You’re doing all the right things in your marketing, but still not getting great clients consistently. It’s time to become a compelling expert: the one we listen to, the one who cares, the one who knows their stuff, and the one we hire. Learn the 3 keys to getting great clients by being you.

Marketing for Humans: Bringing the Human Back into Marketing

With so many mechanisms to spread the word, you might wonder how to connect with prospects in a human way. I’ve got you covered. Learn the one secret to bringing the human back into marketing.  You’ll get a tool you can use immediately to get great clients.

Tell a Better Brand Story

Your brand story is why someone hires you rather than a similar professional. It builds trust and rapport. Hint: it needs to come from your “why.”   Learn the 4 questions to ask to create your authentic brand story.  Stop being everybody else, and be you.

Simplify Your Marketing with One Power Strategy

Marketing is a lifestyle. You do it every day, ideally.  In this talk, I show you how to simplify your marketing to lead with your strengths and get great clients. Learn the 3 criteria to choosing the right power strategy for you, so you can get consistent and get results.

The Generosity Practice Workshop: Be unstoppable in 10 minutes a day

In 2016-2017, Christina Frei conducted a field study in 5 countries with a mindset tool. She discovered that it made business owners unstoppable and generous marketers. Participants reported that they handled rejection better, marketed more consistently, and negotiated better. Learn the transformative 10-minute daily practice called The Generosity Practice in this 2-hour interactive workshop.