Simple (Not Easy) Marketing

Christina Frei

This past month, I have given talks at several large real estate offices in the North Shore of Massachusetts.

In September, I will be giving the biggest talks of my career, including a college continuing education program and an entire corporate office park.

Giving talks has been successful in growing my business.

The reason? I chose one (ONE) core marketing strategy a year ago – my marketing huband attend to it every day. The results from this single point of focus have been accumulating.

Here is how one strategy has covered many bases:

  1. In one-on-one networking meetings, I have a clear ask – two different types of professionals that bring me in for talks. This makes it easy for people to refer me, and they do consistently.
  2. I can invite my community to most of my talks, which means I‘ve got something cool to announce at my networking meetings, in my newsletter, and as an event on social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.  I’m always up to something.
  3. I riff off the core content (from the talk) in newsletters. This never gets old because I tweak, update, and perfect my talk.  I just did this last week.
  4. I take photos of talks and post them on Instagram.
  5. I use the talk content at my business networking group, where I need to fashion a new commercial each week to ask for referrals. I always know what to say.
  6. I keep my talk content updated and don’t worry about updating any other marketing vehicles.
  7. I turned my talk into a webinar, since I have perfected my talk.
  8. I have an easy next step for prospects in the talk – to meet with me. I’ve refined this so it’s a no pressure ask, a friendly “feel out” session.  Simple personal, boutique, which I love.

When you focus on one marketing strategy, a “hub,” many other things get done.

Do you have one marketing strategy you devote yourself to? Are you ready for some simplicity? Let’s talk.