A Beautiful Spiritual Practice that Gets You the Sale

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I want to share a story with you today about a successful entrepreneur who struggled with selling to a new audience and how a simple spiritual practice,The Generosity Practice, changed that.

Amanda Hammett has run successful businesses for 15+ years, including selling tickets for the Olympics and speaking 800+ times nationwide to millennials. A mom and a wife, Amanda’s income puts food on the table.  Late in 2015, she realized she could consult corporations on retaining their millennial talent.  Several newspaper articles confirmed that companies nationwide currently struggled to keep their younger talent.

But even with this great opportunity, Amanda hit the wall. She knew how to reach out to schools, colleges, and associations, and but she had no idea how to connect with corporate HR managers or CEOs in small to mid-sized companies.  Her fear stopped her in her tracks.

Although not a meditator, Amanda was drawn to the Generosity Practice and decided to try it, both as a daily practice and as a deeper way to face inner blocks.

Amanda’s first result was that she got “huggy,” as she calls it. As a type-A, get-things-done personality, Amanda was perplexed.  After only a couple weeks of consistent practice, Amanda found herself hugging strangers and enjoying it, which was completely new for her. Not only that, but she felt more calm and patient about the future amidst pressure to provide.  The Generosity Practice had opened her up to people in a new way, and provided a calm center in this time of transition.

Since the practice connected Amanda to a bigger picture, she started making calls to key contacts, people with connections to corporate HR departments.  Soon, Amanda was setting up appointments with decision-makers in small, mid, and large corporations, and it was drama-free.

Then she started going to sales meetings in corporate offices.  With a new audience, Amanda usually smiled politely while feeling desperate to make a good impression and to get their business. But when she sat down with HR managers and CEOs, the familiar desperation was nowhere to be found. In fact, she was able to deeply listen to her potential clients, ask the right questions, and fully understand the people sitting across from her.

When she determined that she was a good fit, Amanda confidently asked for the business, saying, “You need me.” Their response: “You’re right.”  The Generosity Practice had cultivated a deep sense of contribution that completely changed how she showed up to a sales conversation. She had nothing to prove.

Amanda is on track to make 6 figures in the first 12 months of her business and she credits it all to the Generosity Practice and how it has changed her entire sales process.

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