When a Steady Presence Acts Like a Nurturer

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“Why is no one clicking my newsletter?” you wonder to yourself. “Why? Why?”

You cough loudly as sand blows into your mouth and you can hardly see.  This might not be the place for soul searching, you note.  Will this sand storm ever end?

As sand granules go up your nose and you think about a competitor’s hip new newsletter, you hear a thump. Someone grabs your hand and drags you into a nearby yurt.

You:     Marketing Fairy Godmother!  Thank goodness. [You shake the sand out of your hair and wipe your nose before you spit out the sand in your mouth]

MFG:   Really, my friend, you do find yourself in the oddest of places. [hands you a towel to wipe off the sand in your face. You marvel at how MFG’s pink flowery gown is sand-free].  Have a glass of water.

You:     Thank you. It’s just that I’ve been putting out my newsletter and only 5% are clicking on it.  And those who do don’t reach out to me. No one will become my client if this continues. Woe is me!

MFG:   I see, I see. How does your newsletter flow?

You:     Well, I address the problem they might be having, then show examples of how to solve it.  You know, show how nurturing I can be as a service provider.

MFG:   Ah, I see. That sounds lovely but that’s not your style.

You:     What? How? Shouldn’t I show people that I care? Everyone does this.

MFG:   Well, that right there is enough of a reason to stop doing that.  You are a Steady Presence* and you’re using a Nurturer* Strategy.

You:     Really? Tell me more.

MFG:   Nurturers show their strength by making things safe and comfortable for their prospects (i.e. leaning in). They do this by addressing the pain, and then helping people get to the other side.  Steady Presence folks have a different approach. Their strength is being a stable pillar in their community with deep expertise and resources.  So they need to establish their expertise, show they are involved in their community, and then let their prospects decide whether they want to work with them (leaning back).

You:     Steady Presence feels like me. How do I do that?

MFG:   A couple ways.  In your newsletter, talk about a community service project you do, whether or not it’s related to your work.   Also, you can address one area of expertise, and you can go deeply into it, without fixating on a pain point. This is subtle but important. Or you can discuss some resources you have that help your clients.

You:     Can you give me an example?

MFG:   Sure. As a financial advisor, you can talk about why ETFs (exchange traded funds) are such a great idea, what is unique about them, which ones you recommend based on risk tolerance, details on how they’re different from mutual funds, and results you’ve seen with them.

You:     But aren’t I doing that in my newsletter?

MFG:   Not the way you’re executing it. You need a tone that is not nurturing and doesn’t acknowledge the pain point. It’s simply offering helpful information and it’s up to them to decide on a course of action.  You act as a neutral, unwavering resource. That’s your genius.

You:     Wow, yes. I get that. I love being like that. I always feel like leaning in and nurturing is crowding people. I much prefer to geek out and let them decide.

MFG:   Well said. I want you to market from your natural gifts. It’s so much easier. 

You:     This way, writing content is not such a chore. It’s just a natural extension of my business and of myself.

MFG:   Music to my ears.

You:     Thank you, Marketing Fairy Godmother. You’re my favorite.

MFG:   Shall we celebrate? [hands you a plate of plain, buttery scones]

You:     These look amazing. Did you bake them yourself?

MFG:   Actually, they’re leftovers from the Royal Wedding. Here, have some clotted cream and strawberry jam.

You:     Heaven. Pure heaven.

Often when your marketing materials don’t land, it’s because you’re not operating from your Innate Marketing Genius.  

Let’s chat about how to align your marketing with your own IMG.

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