Marketing as a Steady Presence

Congratulations! You are a Steady Presence. Below you will find out more about yourself and how to market as a Steady Presence. When you stay true to your Innate Marketing Genius type, marketing is sustainable since 1. you are you, 2. you help others, and 3. they love it. Everybody wins.

Your Big Why (and What We Love about You):
You assure people they have what they need to move forward.

It’s Important to You That…
People have access to the resources they need thanks to you.

It’s Easy for You to…
Be the calm in the storm
Explain thoroughly
Have people’s back
Go deep and get lost in your expertise
Lean back energetically and let people come to you

You in a Nutshell:
When people are going through (or preparing for) a metaphoric storm, you are at your best. You have a depth of resources, network, and expertise that will get people through any challenge related to your field. That’s your thing. You are the lighthouse in crazy times. You are a pillar of support in your community.

What You Might Not Realize:
People love hearing you go deep.
You can talk about any community work you do, even if it’s not related to your work and it’s appreciated.
You might not be all flair, it might take people longer to appreciate you, but you are the foundation we need at times.
Lots of professionals think they have to be like you (an overt expert) – but you’re the real deal.

Watch Out for:
Discouragement when people don’t “bite.”
Shyness about sharing your expertise because you’re worried you’ll bore people.
Concern you’re not the shiny toy.
Getting in a rut of doing the same ole thing.


Everyone is thankful that your expertise, network, and resources go deep. So talk about that. This includes anything you do for the wider community. Don’t be afraid to go on and on about your topic. Specifically, check out the Steady Presence-Style Strategic Questions (pg. 3) to generate content. But in general,

Demonstrate your commitment to your community as a leader.
Show how deep your resources are.
Show how rich your network is.
Don’t be afraid to geek out in public.

Marketing Tactics:
Be interviewed as an expert.
Facilitate a panel of power contacts (experts who compliment and amplify your expertise), either in person or online.
Attend to an educational conference and report back with the natural enthusiasm you have for the material.
Check in on past clients and see how they are, offer help + support, with no selling unless asked.
Build a network of referral sources that totally trust you and vice versa.
Host an intimate mastermind for professional colleagues to keep each other accountable and to progress in your careers.
Do something that strengthens the foundation of the community.
Offer tools to get organized (like a free spreadsheet).
Record conversations (not interviews) with former clients, in the style of NPR’s StoryCorps. Give them space to ponder things and reflect your value back to you.
Write a reference guide in the “For Dummies” series model.
Write an in-depth insightful piece about a top issue.

Things Other Marketers Do that You Don’t Need to:
Make people feel comfortable
Show lots of flash, flair, and style
Wow people with new ideas
Be gung-ho motivational

Steady Presence Brand:
Google, the Internet giant, is a Steady Presence all over the world. They have deep expertise in search engine technology and everything related to that. In typical Steady Presence fashion, they lean back and let people come to them, simply by being the search engine of choice to 65% of the world searching for something online. They also have a healthy community service branch, with an annual Giving Week (netted $24 million in 2016), which benefits non-profits and other organizations around the world. This doesn’t include $30 million on technology donated to various organizations and $5 million given to that benefits schools. A healthy Steady Presence shows their community they are here to stay and they care.

Create Content with Strategic Questions for Steady Presence marketers:
What have your clients have been wrestling with lately, where if you delved deeper into your expertise, you could really help?

What conference have you attended recently? How was it? What is one thing you took away from it?

What community service are you involved in? What have you been doing with that? Why is it important to you?

What resource do you have that moves people forward?

Who is one “power contact” you have? Specifically, the person who shows how deep your network is? How does your knowing them matter to your audience?

What do people need to know right now? (neutral information, no big dramatic story)