Steady Presence


3 Key Questions for Steady Presence Folks:

  1. What are the most common issues people have where you can calmly guide them through (offering perspective and solid resources)?
  2. What are the most satisfying ways you help them?
  3. How could that translate into a marketing campaign?


Possible Directions:

  • Serve as leader of a community organization, especially one that deals with crisis situations. Lead a campaign on that and show how you navigate tough situations.
  • Check in on past clients and see how they are, offer help + support, with no selling unless asked.
  • Be featured on a panel of speakers as an expert resource.
  • Build a network of referral sources that totally trust you and vice versa.
  • Host an intimate mastermind for professional colleagues to keep each other accountable and to progress in your careers.

Let’s Talk about this:

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