Play to Your Strengths in Your StoryBrand

Christina Frei

Donald Miller’s StoryBrand 7-part framework is an absolute game-changer.  This formula gives you a way to tell your core brand story by focusing on your client’s journey and results, rather than on what’s so great about you (as tempting as that is).  Here is  my in-depth recap of the framework for service professionals in Part 1 of this article. 

Not a great storyteller? Don’t worry. You don’t have to be an experienced writer to use the power of storytelling to boost your marketing.  You can simply be yourself.  All you need to do is identify your marketing archetype, and everything will fall into place.


What is your marketing archetype?

Your marketing archetype reveals your core marketing motivation and how you most love helping others. Once you’ve defined this, your brand story will come naturally.  My official name for this is your Innate Marketing Genius type.

These five Innate Marketing Genius types are based on the extensive research I conducted involving 40 successful business professionals.  I took each business owner through an intuitive journey that uncovered their most compelling motivation to serve others.   Here’s what I discovered:

What is Your Marketing Motivation? 3 Discoveries

Discovery 1: Each business owner has a marketing motivation represented by an archetype. This archetype personifies their most powerful way of helping others.  They include Nurturer, Adventure Guide, Door Opener, Steady Presence, and Celebrator. 


Discovery 2: For each of these archetypes, I discovered their unique “why.” Here they are:

  • Nurturer:  To make it safe for others to thrive
  • Adventure Guide: That others boldly reach for their greatest potential
  • Door Opener:  To open up new viewpoints and new worlds of possibility
  • Steady Presence:  That everyone has what they need to move forward, thanks to certain resources, expertise, and contacts
  • Celebrator: To bring the good life to others using a particular flair

Discovery 3: Each archetype has a compelling way to tell a story, based on their motivation.

Knowing your archetype clarifies what to emphasize in your story and what to leave out.  Here’s the general direction for a compelling story by archetype (stay tuned for more specifics):

  • Nurturer: Meet people in their pain and gently walk them through with a case study. Offer relief.
  • Adventure Guide: Address the big goals your people could achieve with you (but they haven’t even thought of yet) and demonstrate how you’re modeling them. 
  • Door Opener:  Offer one innovative idea, a compelling case study, and an easy way to try out your stuff. 
  • Steady Presence:  Identify a common challenge and geek out about it, even if it goes over people’s head. Assure people they can get there from here.
  • Celebrator: Fully enjoy different aspects of your work – your clients, your programs, your products, your experiences – and share about them. 

Knowing your archetype can make your StoryBrand even more compelling.  Let’s see how this all plays out. 

One Professional, Five StoryBrands


I partnered with a real life digital marketer based in upstate New York, Kristi Mitchell, to illustrate these concepts. She is officially a Nurturer, but she agreed to let me create a unique StoryBrand marketing framework of her business for each marketing archetype. This way, it’ll be clear how much a StoryBrand changes based on the different strengths and motivations of the archetype. 

Before we start,  here are the basics of Donald MIller’s StoryBrand framework, in case you need it. 

A Recap: The 7-Part StoryBrand Framework

1.          A character who wants something

2.          Encounters a problem

3.          And meets a guide

4.          Who gives them a plan

5.          And calls them to action

6.          And helps them avoid failure

7.          That ends in success

Kristi Mitchell’s Standard StoryBrand – No Marketing Archetype

Here is Kristi Mitchell’s StoryBrand with no special emphasis based on a marketing archetype.  Let’s call this “the base flavor” before we start adding sprinkles and strawberries.

[1. Character] 

You run a business, have a family, and your marketing is all over the place. Sometimes you have too many clients, sometimes none at all.  You want just enough clients ona  regular basis and a schedule that would allow you to be a mom and a wife.

[2. Problem] 

But how do you insure that? Doesn’t business come with ups and downs?  If with regular marketing, how can you be sure I’ll get clients? And who has the time?

[3. Guide]

That’s where I come in. I’m a mom too and run a business with great clients, so I understand your challenges. I have 10 years of corporate experience, an MBA, Hubspot certifications, and my clients get results.  I know marketing and I understand the challenges of motherhood.  I’ve figured this out, and I can assure you that all you need is a plan. 

[4. Plan + 5. Call to Action]

Here’s are 4 steps you need to take: 

1. Initial Strategy Session (Book it here)

2. 2-Hour Planning Session

3. 2-Week Implementation Period (Where I Implement)

4. Check-In Meeting

[6. Avoid Failure] 

Don’t get stuck in the mud of marketing overwhelm or apathy. You can’t make a difference if you don’t have clients. Your kids want to see you as a leader. Your husband (or wife) wants to see you thriving.  

[7. Ends in Success] 

Get this handled so that you can be the mom you want to be, and laugh at your husband’s jokes again.  

Let’s talk about a potential plan for you, based on your business needs. Book your initial strategy session here. 

A StoryBrand for Each Archetype

If you’re curious about your marketing archetype, find out in 5 minutes here

I re-wrote Kristi Mitchell’s StoryBrand to reflect each archetype’s strengths.  Jump directly to the archetype you want. Nurturer Adventure Guide Door Opener Steady Presence Celebrator.


A Nurturer’s StoryBrand

Strengths: Nurturers make things safe for others to thrive. They naturally bring calm and grace.  

What to Emphasize:

  • Demonstrate that you understand your audience’s pain.
  • Show that you’ve worked with others and gotten them to the other side (case study).
  • Offer sanctuary and safety in some way (this can be achieved with tone or a call-to-action).

The StoryBrand:

[1. Character + 2. Pain]

You own a business, but it’s tough to market consistently when you’re raising kids. There are dishes to wash, homework assignments to monitor, and all your clients to serve.  

And you’re supposed to conquer Instagram too? Yeah, that’s going to happen. 

I recently worked with a mom real estate agent who had almost given up because she couldn’t stay consistent with her marketing and wasn’t getting clients. We created a simple plan that she could handle daily that included rapport-building marketing funnels, social media that showed her approach, and action-inducing emails.  

This allowed her to get things done in time-blocked sessions, which freed her up to spend more time with her kids while generating more clients. 

All she needed was a manageable plan that met her needs. And it didn’t take that long to create it. Now she gets clients consistently. 

You can do this too, even with the kids clamoring for your attention.  With a little planning, you can get noticed in the marketplace to get referrals and business. 

[6. Avoid Failure]

Don’t let overwhelm be the reason you don’t get the clients you want. 

[4. Plan + 5. Call to Action] I have a 4-step process that will get you up and running in no time. 

1. Initial Strategy Session (Book it here)

2. 2-Hour Planning Session

3. 2-Week Implementation Period (Where I Implement)

4. Check-In Meeting

Go here to schedule a strategy session. 

[7. Ends in Success]  Soon, you’ll be laughing at your spouse’s jokes again!  

Why This Works for Nurturers: 

Because Nurturers help us relax and calm down, they can spend a bit more time showing the pain.  It’s not negative; it’s clarifying and calming.  Your clients will see that you get it.  

Did you notice that all the elements of StoryBrand are here, with the exception of establishing oneself as a guide (3.)?  That’s because Nurturers show their expertise and credibility through their empathy, and that is done with her case study.  

Credentials are important but secondary (and can be easily addressed in an About Me section).  In this write up, Kristi leads with a story that assures the reader they can get through their current challenge.  Her entire marketing approach reveals her Nurturer superpowers by calming her clients down and showing them how easy and doable marketing can be.

Are you a Nurturer?


An Adventure Guide’s StoryBrand

Strengths: Adventure Guides see the big goals that are possible for others (that they often don’t see for themselves) and inspire action by reaching for big goals themselves (i.e living by example).

What to Emphasize:

  • Show the potential goals your audience could reach for, but might not consider during the day-to-day of their lives.
  • Share about the bold things you’re doing in your life and business.
  • Offer the bold truths that need to be shared for their benefit.

The StoryBrand:

 [1. Character] 

When you have a successful business as a mom, everyone benefits.  

[7. Ends in success] Your kids see what’s possible, you see yourself as equal with your significant other, you have self-respect from your efforts and the money you generate, you serve your clients well, and you garner independence.   

[5. Call to Action] It simply takes one bold choice: to get help with your digital marketing. 

[3. Guide]

I have two kids and it’s like walking over coals to admit I ever need anyone’s help. I’m the mom! I’m the CEO! I’m the one who knows what’s best, right?  But ever since I’ve hired admin support and started working with an executive coach, I have a wait list of great clients ready to work with me and I can actually laugh at my husband’s jokes again.

It’s just smart business to get help for things outside your expertise.  That’s the hallmark of a good CEO.  Let me be that support in your marketing.

 [4. Plan + 5. Call to Action]

My method is simple – the 4 steps:

  1. Initial Strategy Session (Book it here)
  2. 2-Hour Planning Session
  3. 2-Week Implementation Period (Where I Implement)
  4. Check-In Meeting

 [7. Ends in Success]

Book your initial strategy now, so that you’ll have a wait list of clients and more time to unwind with your family.

Why This Works for Adventure Guides

Not included in an Adventure Guide’s StoryBrand:

2.     The problem

6.     Avoid failure

The power of an Adventure Guide is to focus almost exclusively on what’s possible.  That doesn’t mean you never address the problem. But you just don’t need to lead with it. 

Your clients need you to open their eyes to goals that they haven’t even considered. You empower and inspire them by reaching for bold goals yourself and sharing about it. 

In this StoryBrand, Kristi is modeling what she wants others to do.  As a powerful example, Kristi admits that she hired outside support, as tough as it was, and she got great results. That’s an Adventure Guide on her game. You inspire action by your example.

Also, her 3. Guide section focuses on her modeling the behavior she’s inspiring, rather than on her credentials. She can always put her credentials in the About Me section. 

Are you an Adventure Guide?


A Door Opener’s StoryBrand

Strengths: Door Openers open up new ways of looking at things in the spirit of opening up entire worlds. They are natural educators and have lots of ideas. 

What to Emphasize:

  • One innovative perspective / solution (even if you have 50 to offer)
  • A case study to make it real
  • A low-risk way to engage with you 

The StoryBrand:

Less is more in marketing. 

[1. Character + 2. Problem]

As moms, we keep adding to our to-do list. As marketers, we need to subtract.  

It’s not about being everywhere. It’s about being in a few places consistently showing ourselves at our best. This way, we offer great content in a masterful way, rather than watered down messages here, there, and everywhere.  

[7. Ends in Success]

When you narrow down, you stand out, get noticed, and get clients.   All it takes is a plan.

[5. Call-to-Action – Indirect]

Since this runs counter to everything you probably have learned, here are some case studies in a 30-minute webinar.  You’ll see my approach and the results I create.

[3. Guide] 

I’m a mom too and run a successful digital marketing business with great clients, so I understand your challenges. I have 10 years of corporate experience, an MBA, Hubspot certifications, and my clients get results (as you’ll see in the webinar).   I understand what needs to be in your marketing funnel and the importance of helping your son with his math assignment.

[4. Plan + 5. Call to Action – Direct]

Here’s are 4 steps you need to take:

  1. Initial Strategy Session (Book it here)
  2. 2-Hour Planning Session
  3. 2-Week Implementation Period (Where I Implement)
  4. Check-In Meeting

[7. Ends in Success]

As moms, we can have it all but we don’t have to do it all. Unwind after work and even laugh at your husband’s jokes again.  Stop worrying about your next client. Do less to achieve more by booking your no-pressure initial strategy session here. 

Why this Works for Door Openers

A Door Opener makes a difference by offering one innovative idea. In this case, “Less is more in your marketing.”

Since Kristi’s idea is counter-intuitive, she offers an indirect call-to-action (Miller’s term), the webinar with case studies. This will warm people up to her approach. Also, she offers a no-pressure initial session.  

What is missing in this StoryBrand is 6. Avoid Failure.  That’s because Door Openers change lives by innovating, not by using fear.

Are you a Door Opener?  


A Steady Presence’s StoryBrand

Strengths: Steady Presences act as the calm in the storm, assuring their clients they have what they need to move forward.  To do this, they offer their many resources and deep expertise.

What to Emphasize:

  • Offer relevant information, a resource, and/or helpful person that assures your audience will be OK.
  • Take a deep dive into your expertise.

The StoryBrand:

[1. Character + 2. Problem]

Most mompreneurs don’t have the time to market their own business.  There’s just too much to do. It might be easier than you think, though. 

Let’s say you need 3 new premium clients a month.  Then you need to have 12-15 prospect meetings a month (3-4 / week.)  

Using my proprietary Facebook ads method, you’ll reach thousands of people and convert them into viable prospect meetings, all at an affordable daily ad budget.  All it takes is setting up a few things (like a questionnaire and a scheduling app), and I can help you with that.   

[7.  Ends in Success]

This type of plan means a little upfront work that will yield consistent prospects and customers. Whatever your particular goals are, we will create a customized plan to meet them. 

[3. Guide]

I’m a mom. Five years ago, I wanted to stop worrying about my next client so I could be more present with my kids and actually laugh at my husband’s jokes. So I completed a Hubspot certification, Facebook + Google ad manager training, and I have an MBA in marketing plus 10 years of corporate experience.  I put this all to work for you, so you get people in the door as solid clients.

[4. Plan + 5. Call to Action]

Here’s are 4 steps in our work together: 

  1. Initial Strategy Session (Book it here)
  2. 2-Hour Planning Session
  3. 2-Week Implementation Period (Where I Implement)
  4. Check-In Meeting

You’ve got this.  

[6. Avoid failure]

You don’t need to doom scroll your email while you’re helping your daughter with her math homework, hoping for prospects.  Book your initial strategy session and we’ll map out a plan. 

Why This Works for Steady Presences

Here we start out by highlighting Kristi’s expertise, showing exactly how she will achieve the desired results. We might not understand Facebook ads, but we witness Kristi’s handle on our challenges and her clear plan of action to get there.  

She is matter-of-fact and assuring. That’s what Steady Presences do: show us we can get there from here. All it takes is some expertise, a plan, and their guidance.  It’s totally OK to geek out in public. In fact, a Steady Presence geeking out is a beautiful thing!

Are you a Steady Presence?


A Celebrator’s StoryBrand

Strengths: Celebrators bring the good life to others with their own special flair (humor, beauty, fun, etc). 

What to Emphasize:

  • Notice what you enjoy in your work and life.
  • Share this. (Really, it’s that simple)

The StoryBrand:

Dear mompreneur: the other day I glimpsed what your life could be like.  

[1. Character] [7. Ends in Success]

You were enjoying toasted muffins with your kids at the actual kitchen table, seeing them off to the bus with a hug, and sitting down at your laptop. 

There were three new applications from people interested in working with you, all of which were qualified.  You were excited to meet with them, discover their goals, and understand how you can help them.  The potential income didn’t hurt either.  

The rest of your day was spent serving smart, self-starting clients until you head out to meet your kids at the bus, where you offer them orange slices and gluten free crackers and hear about their day.  One of them even asks you about YOUR day.  You can really engage with them because you’re not worrying about getting your next client. There’s even a little spring in your step.

This loosely describes my life: I have two young kids, 2 dogs, and a husband here in upstate NY. I LOVE my clients, and I make a good living. Somehow, the best people find me these days. You too can be there for your family and get  wonderful clients consistently.  All it takes is a plan.

[3. Guide]

I decided a few years back that I’m a mom first, a business owner second, and everything else after that. After enough sleepless nights worrying about money, I wanted client creation (income) to be handled, end of story.  So I went for a Hubspot certification, got an MBA, and realized I could use my corporate background much more for my own benefit. 

[7. Ends in Success]

My clients tell me regularly that they have more energy to enjoy their kids and serve their clients. I’d love for you to experience this too. Let’s get this show on the road!

[4. Plan + 5. Call to Action]

Here’s are 4 steps in our work together:

  1. Initial Strategy Session (Book it here)
  2. 2-Hour Planning Session
  3. 2-Week Implementation Period (Where I Implement)
  4. Check-In Meeting

It’s your life and it’s your business. Live it to the fullest. Start by booking your strategy session with me.

Why This Works for Celebrators: 

Not included in this story: 

2. Problem

6. Avoids Failure

Similar to Adventure Guides, Celebrators are compelling when they focus on what works. In this case, it’s whatever represents the good life.  So they don’t need to lead with the problems and don’t need to scare their audience into deciding.  This beautiful connection to the good life is what gets us to take action.  

Celebrators sometimes take it for granted how easily they enjoy their life and their work, so they don’t always share about it. It’s compelling, as you can see. Who wouldn’t want the life described in the first paragraph?  Also, there’s a kind and caring cheerleader tone all throughout.  Celebrator gold!

Are you a Celebrator?

Play to Your Strengths in Your StoryBrand

By now, you can see how uniquely compelling each StoryBrand is if you play to the strengths of a marketing archetype.  Once you know your marketing archetype, you can easily make your StoryBrand even more compelling – just by being you. By tailoring your story to your strengths and personality, you’ll bring in the right types of clients that you would prefer to work with.  Simply identify your Marketing Archetype and highlight your strengths in the 7-Part Story Brand Framework.

Discover your marketing archetype in the Innate Marketing Genius assessment, and make your StoryBrand your own.