The 21 Things

Christina Frei

In my work over the last 5 years teaching the Generosity Practice, I have identified 21 results form doing this practice. This from 10 minutes a day.

  1. You are energized.
  2. You cultivate a generosity towards yourself and others. 
  3. While you open up generously, you also calm down and ground yourself.
  4. You manage your attention better.
  5. You can more easily let go and be surprised by life.
  6. You stabilize your mood.
  7. You grow confident that you can create something out of nothing.
  8. You balance having strong intention and allowing for something to appear from a higher place.
  9. You enjoy people more.
  10. You discern whom you can and cannot help.
  11. You get confident in your decisions.
  12. You put yourself out there more.
  13. You are OK with being rejected.
  14. You discern more details in everyday life, things most people would miss.
  15. You become a satisfying contribution to others, even when folks are not happy about something.
  16. That part of you that accurately reads people and situations is activated.
  17. You can say “no” without drama.
  18. You have more compassion with boundaries.
  19. You stand your ground.
  20. You have more energy to devote to people.
  21. Your personal sanctuary aligns with your outer ability to serve others.

Basically, it makes you unstoppable. Boom!

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