The 3 Secrets to Getting Great Clients by Being You

Your marketing can be simple. It comes from focusing on one core strategy.

It’s true that you need to do a few marketing basics:

  • networking
  • a Facebook business page
  • a website
  • an email list

But you also need a driving force for generating clients. A marketing engine. A way to show up consistently that sets you apart from other similar professionals.

This is your core strategy you commit to every day, and one that shows you at your best.  This is a way to be with other humans that brings you to life and demonstrates your expertise. It’s a healthy growth opportunity for you, where you show up as a leader who makes a difference. And it gets you great clients.

It’s simply a matter of honoring your strengths and bringing them to life.

It’s also a matter of honoring you and your time constraints.

Your marketing can change lives. This comes from knowing your “why.”

Your voice has transformational power. You have a beautiful way of connecting with other humans and helping them make better decisions. It’s simply a matter of identifying your unique (and innate) way of serving others that is beyond your profession. It’s your “why” in service to others and it shows you care. I call it your Innate Marketing Genius or marketing archetype.

For example, you might have a gift for making things safe and accessible for others, you might love bringing the good life with your own flair, or you enjoy being the calm in the storm for people in a challenging spot. You might loathe marketing. But that changes once you make it a natural extension of who you are.

See for yourself: Discover your marketing archetype

Your marketing can be fun, life-giving, and therefore sustainable. This comes from a daily practice.

There is one small act every day that changes everything else: choosing your mindset.  Business coaches have stated that mindset is 80-90% of your business, especially during the pandemic.  

The Generosity Practice is the mindset tool I created that makes joyful generosity a daily habit The result: you become unstoppable.  This is crucial for a business owner who wants to make a difference, and stay consistent in their outreach. This generative 10-minute daily practice is the most efficient, effective mindset technology I’ve found.

Watch these secrets in action: 3 Secrets to Getting Great Clients by Being You  – An Intro Course