The Core Question

Christina Frei Generosity Practice, The Benefits

OK, now that you know the practice, let’s talk about the core question. (Click here to learn the practice).

The fundamental question of the Generosity Practice is this: What feels good to offer to life today?

I’ll say it again:

What feels good to offer to life today?

There is one offering that feels totally right for you for that day. It is so powerful when you take the time to create that, that you’ll want to give it out all day long, even though it’s “imagined.” You’ll know that it’s right, because something shifts and opens within you when you discover it. And because you’re smart and you’ll just know.

When you patiently listen for an answer to this question, you will be amazed by what surfaces in yourself.  When you let it surprise you, it will.  The answer can be anything.  It can be something you can actually offer, like fine chocolate, or something you can’t, like a pile of gold. This is about listening for a deeper truth. If you could give anything and it would truly delight you to offer it, what would you offer?  I mean, anything.

And try not to judge what your preference is. One day it will be the patience of Mother Teresa, and another, it will be cookie dough. Go with it.

Give yourself the chance to go deep, to allow life to move through you, to welcome an inner creativity that will bring all kinds of gifts to you. It will get easier.  The entire practice hinges on your willingness to get out of the way, and allow something amazing to bubble up. This takes practice. 

Let’s remember too, we’re mostly not in the habit of delightful giving. Not consistently.  I mean, you can give and give all day long, but does it feel good?

Your offering is a gift to you, and a gift to the world.

When you first do this, it might feel dry and flat, as though nothing will ever emerge that feels that fresh and transformative. It’s so tempting to just go with something nice, and there are LOTS of nice offerings. But there only one TRUE offering for your day.  Even if you’ve been doing the practice for a while, it still might feel tough on certain days to really answer that question honestly.

Consider something you’ve given away recently.  How awesome is it on a scale of 1 to 10? If it’s below an 8, it’s time to practice.

Here is a daily meditative recording to get your practice to a 10.

So, what feels good to offer to life today?