The Intro Workbooks

The Intro Workbooks

You know your marketing style. You’ve got a powerful unique voice. Now it’s time to put it to work. It’s time to grab your Intro Workbook!

Introducing – The Intro Workbooks

You will:

  • Discover the strengths of your Marketing Archetype(s)
  • Learn how this directly applies to marketing.
  • Get ideas on strategies that are perfect for your marketing style.
  • Create content for emails, your website, and more with strategic questions.

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This includes:

  • Looking at your true marketing strengths and what they mean for your marketing
  • Ways to use your strengths immediately
  • What’s working and what’s not working in your current marketing
  • How to stand out and find your right clients
  • Clear next steps

Here’s what Krista Kusuma said about the Intro Workbook:

“As a Nurturer, I sometimes wonder what I’m supposed to say on LinkedIn or in other media.  How do I communicate as me? There’s so much going on, how do I stand out?  That’s why I keep the Nurturer Intro Workbook open on my laptop to remind myself of my lane. With its Nurturer-focused questions, it helps me communicate the value I want to bring and the value I naturally bring in whatever messaging I’m creating. It works every time! Highly recommend.” 

Krista Dahl Kusuma, Experience First Consulting