The Lonely Edges Podcast Questions

The Lonely Edges: When Standing Alone Brings Us Closer to Everyone and Everything, a confessional about the life-giving, alchemical nature of standing apart.  

The questions:

  1. Let’s riff on the subtitle: when standing alone brings us closer to everyone and everything. Thoughts?
  2. Sometimes meeting your own life / path can be lonely or at least a solitary experience.  What would you like to share about that?
  3. What were some turning points where you left the pack? What were the rewards?
  4. What were some earlier moments in your life that helped you become OK with standing alone?  What inspiration, models, ideas and even innate tendencies helped you?
  5. When you are close to people, but you see things differently, is it possible to stand apart and also stay connected? What helps with that?
  6. There’s a difference between a comfort that stifles and a comfort that sustains and revitalizes. How does that apply to you?
  7. How can going your own way go off the rails? And has it for you?
  8. What is a lonely edge for you now?
  9. There’s a time to be in harmony. There’s a time to stand apart.  Any thoughts?

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