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How connected do you feel with your prospects and lead generation? You might have your marketing figured out, but if you’re an experienced professional, your outreach can easily start to feel mechanical, even boring, and then you’re in a rut.  Or worse, you stop doing it altogether! It happens to the best of us and the good news is, every business needs to refresh their marketing from time to time. Especially the experienced ones!

In this talk, I will show you how to do just that. First, I will share a mindset that will revitalize and refresh your entire approach to marketing. I’ll show you a simple exercise that will actually make you feel generous, capable, and fully ready to receive more of what you wish to experience in your business. Then, we will dig in to discover your Innate Marketing Genius (yes, we all have one), and how to apply it to your current marketing strategy to make it feel authentic, aligned and even more effective.  Because let’s face it: if you want to your marketing to feel that way, you need to show up that way too.  Join me for a fun, slightly provocative, business as unusual conversation about marketing and get re-inspired to lead your business in a fresh, new way.




Many real estate agencies offer great ideas for marketing. But then there’s the question – where to start?

In her talk, Marketing for People Who Don’t Like Marketing, Christina Frei helps simplify and narrow down your marketing direction, so you can get out there based on your strengths. It’s not just a bunch of marketing ideas that turn into long to-do lists. She makes you feel like you’ve got this, that you can conquer the marketing game, and have fun doing it. Having seen her twice, I can it’s always a pleasure to hear her speak. She connects with her audience on a topic many of us would rather avoid. Good stuff.

Christopher Mooney
Real Estate Agent, J. Barrett & Company



Christina Frei gave her talk Marketing for People Who Don’t Like Marketing to my coaching professionals group recently.

I’m a coach who actually loves marketing, but I create extra work for myself because I don’t have a single focus.  Each coach on the call had their own unique challenge with their marketing. I wondered how everyone could benefit, and what I would get out of it.  But when Christina spoke to our group, it was GREAT!  It was fun and really engaging- I came away feeling relieved and totally pumped.  Every coach on the Zoom conference engaged with her, and I could feel the relief over the inter webs. We were all more prepared to dive into the marketing that made sense for us.  The webinar helped me see how to streamline my efforts in a way that would save me time and energy. My takeaway: I can do this in a way that’s really fun for me, and leverages my strengths.  I highly recommend!

Julie Boyer
Lead Coordinator for CTI Boston



“I have had a strong aversion to marketing myself.  The idea of promoting myself makes me cringe, I feel like it’s “below” me. When I saw you speak at Oficio on Newbury Street, I realized that marketing could be something totally different, something that represents who I am as well as what I offer. You’ve already busted through some of my preconceived notions and fears about marketing and I appreciate it. I feel more ready than ever to embrace it!”

Member, Oficio Newbury Street, Boston

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