The Results



Christina makes me happy about marketing. I used to avoid it, feel guilty about avoiding it, and when I actually did it, it was never any fun. Now it is.

And guess what? I’ve never had this many clients, I’m making great money, I am creating beautiful landscapes for people I enjoy working with. Also, I feel ready for the ebbs and flows of my business, since what I do is somewhat seasonal. I’ve considered working with other marketing professionals, but they seem pushy and not really attentive to who I am. With Christina, I feel more myself, and that really impacts how I show up and the quality of clients that knock on my door.

Christina has helped me get my business to a place that I love. I can’t wait to do more!

Barbara Wilson
Landscape Architect



I’ve been working with Christina for several months, and she has brought my marketing to the next level. It’s no accident that I have a full roster of clients right now. Building a business means handling lots of rejection and experiments that don’t work out. It is invaluable to have Christina in my corner, keeping me on track with the bigger vision of how I serve my clients. From discovering my marketing genius to implementing the marketing strategy to amping my marketing presence with her 30-Day Generosity Practice mastery program, I connect with prospects in much more authentic, enthusiastic, and productive ways. This turns into a deeper connection with potential clients during the initial consultation.

Marketing is one of those things that gets overwhelming and disheartening fast. Christina never lets that happen. With her, I stay squarely in my marketing genius and serve those I want to serve how I want to serve them. My bottom line is proof that it’s working.

Kelly Luethje
Financial Planner

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