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I hired Christina Frei to help and very quickly, I had a defined marketing voice and one marketing strategy to get my voice out there. This I can do.

I love my work as a life coach, but I’ve been wondering about how to market myself for a couple years. Where to begin? I hired Christina Frei to help and very quickly, I had a defined marketing voice (which I love) and one marketing strategy (public speaking) to get my voice out there. One strategy – this I can do. I resisted speaking at first, but Christina saw that I could make a difference in people’s lives this way and I quite agree with her now. Working on my talks and getting out there, these are things I actually enjoy. This is truly a good direction for me, a way to get a powerful message out while bringing in the right clients. This is what marketing should always be. Thank you, Christina.

Amy Berenson
Life and Career Coach, Navigate Ahead


If you’re tired of the gurus, come find your true voice and vehicle with Christina.

In a world with so many marketing experts and so much noise, Christina’s work is important. She helps you find your marketing voice, and one powerful marketing vehicle just for that voice. It’s an organic approach, as opposed to a “one-size fits all” approach. If you’re tired of the gurus, come find your true voice and vehicle with Christina. It’ll change the way you market and make a difference in the world. – Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady

Theresa Reed
The Tarot Lady


I look at marketing in a new way and it’s changed my business for the better.

Christina’s work changes you from being a service provider to a leader in your outreach. I don’t just offer a service. I stand for something and change lives, including in newsletters I write and letters to prospects too. This has made it easier to bring in the right clients and keep them. I still use the Generosity Practice (one of my favorite things from working with Christina), I stand proudly in my Innate Marketing Genius archetype, and I notice how my prospects and even my clients are responding differently. I think I actually like my marketing now!

Mark Lesses
Real Estate Agent


I worked with Christina for several months, and her work helped me turn a big corner in my business.

I had lots of disparate marketing efforts and an inconsistent flow of clients. Working with Christina brought everything together. It’s hard to put into words, but something clicked and now I have a steady stream of prospects and a full roster of clients.

It is great to work with Christina when you’ve been in business for a couple years but it’s just not coming together yet. I appreciate the Generosity Practice and Innate Marketing Genius work and would recommend Christina to any consultative professional who might be avoiding their marketing.

Kelly Luethje
Financial Planner


Christina makes me happy about marketing. I used to avoid it, feel guilty about avoiding it, and when I actually did it, it was never any fun. Now it is.

And guess what? I’ve never had this many clients, I’m making great money, I am creating beautiful landscapes for people I enjoy working with. Also, I feel ready for the ebbs and flows of my business, since what I do is somewhat seasonal. I’ve considered working with other marketing professionals, but they seem pushy and not really attentive to who I am. With Christina, I feel more myself, and that really impacts how I show up and the quality of clients that knock on my door.

Christina has helped me get my business to a place that I love. I can’t wait to do more!”

Barbara Wilson
Landscape Architect

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