The Shiny Toys of Marketing

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Ah, the shiny toys of marketing. Facebook Live. Instagram Business Edition. Mini video courses through automated email campaigns. And live webinar events. I love them all.

Unfortunately, it’s tempting to use these fun vehicles without an actual strong voice or strategy. And you know what quick fix approaches bring: people looking for a quick fix.  Sadly, shiny toy marketing approaches often don’t show the true value of your work and there are consequences.

The wrong clients come knocking. You know, the ones who don’t do the work and text you at 11pm. On a Sunday.

If you want prospects to see your value, think about what you offer that builds trust long-term.  You know, the good stuff that keeps them coming back and sending others your way. Big question: is that good stuff in your marketing? Because it needs to be. 

If not, how to do this?  First, you have a marketing voice you need to identify.  I call it your Innate Marketing Genius, and it’s an archetype where you come alive in service to others.  Then you need to find one core strategy where you can channel this big, beautiful voice. This way, even if you use a shiny vehicle like Facebook Live, it will be grounded in how you make a difference in in the world.

Here are some recent examples of my clients’ Innate Marketing Geniuses and corresponding core strategies.  These are the result of an in-depth exploration on my Half-Day Retreat.

Innate Marketing Genius                Core Strategy 

Quiet Treasure Chest: a real estate agent who knows everything but never sings her own praises. Agents (not just clients) come to her for her expertise regularly. Real Estate Podcast: Locally-focused short commentaries, case studies, and interviews about common real estate challenges.
Vitality in the Stillness: Mindfulness experts in corporate and academia, who help very smart people be emotionally intelligent. Video Dialogue Series: A podcast-style video dialogue series addressing practical uses of mindfulness and misconceptions, even showing how fierce mindfulness is in practice.
The Generous Mayor: A real estate agent who brings out the best in anyone, even in a room full of strangers. She also loves where she lives and wants to celebrate it constantly. Facebook Live Campaign – Woman About Town: She visits business owners and town leaders, interviewing them and celebrating them in 10-20 minute live videos. She is the agent with “that cool live video thing.”

These are defined marketing voices with clear, strong strategies that give them the right vehicle to get out there, be generous, make a great impression, and bring in the right people.

Each strategy has multiple uses (i.e. can be featured on social media and beyond), but the important thing is this: these professionals make a difference even before they are hired and bring in the right people into their business.

There are shiny aspects to these – video, podcasts, live action video on FB – but they are grounded in one strong message and vehicle.  These business owners offer good stuff to their community in the form of an informative podcast, a misconception-busting video dialogue, and a friendly, affirming FB Live campaign, while having a great time. There is no dog and pony show here.

And that brings the best reward of them all: great clients.

Do you want to have a straight talk about your marketing? I’d love to talk to you in a Marketing Discovery session.  We look at what’s working and what’s not working (we dive deep), and then explore some next steps.  45-minutes, no charge. Simply fill this out and we will get it on the calendar.