The TEDx Talk

Christina Frei

My TEDx talk is live!

Seeing things differently, standing out, and innovating in any way can be tough. I’ve dedicated a podcast to these lonely edges (by that name), AND my TEDx talk too.

Last summer I spent weeks preparing my Paradox of Loneliness talk with Cathlyn Melvin and then weeks memorizing and performing it (and choosing an outfit!). One of the biggest challenges I’ve ever taken on. Do you know how hard it is to stick to ONE IDEA and only one idea worth spreading? Phew!

I did the talk on October 15, 2022 and then waited.

The talk got flagged in February for citing scientific data, and they needed a detailed annotated research list. I created this.

I submitted it. And waited.

And then last Friday, May 5, it aired. !!! Just about the time that the surgeon general pronounced that loneliness is as unhealthy as smoking, which is literally the first line of my talk!!! Thanks, Dr. Vivek!

Thank you, Jamie Chapman, Shannon Giordano, and Molly Williams for being in the audience on that day for the WHOLE event. Thank you to everyone cheering me on and assuring me it would air soon. And to Nevins Memorial Library for hosting it. It’s been an incredible experience.

If you feel like the weirdo in the room sometimes, this talk is for you!