Three Marketing Geniuses Uncovered

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Every person I work with has an inner marketing genius, a way to offer their best stuff to potential clients.  It doesn’t matter if they’re introverted or don’t like marketing. I don’t have to teach someone to become a marketing genius. My job is to empower them to uncover what’s already there.

Let’s take a look at three distinct marketing geniuses and the challenges they addressed.

Help! I Have an Identity Crisis – Genius #1

Tara is passionate about wellness.  She loves to workout, is a fitness trainer who knows a bunch about nutrition, and also sells a high-end skin care line.  When we met, she didn’t know how to integrate all these facets and in fact whether they should be integrated at all.  As I coached her through the Generosity Practice Marketing process, it became clear that her genius was in fabulous door-opening events.  She is a natural community builder and loves to open people’s minds. This is a common thread with all her passions.  The lynchpin of her marketing strategy therefore was to have big events with speakers, which would be her generous community offering.  She could bring great speakers into the community, give her own talks, and also promote her own offerings where relevant. She was on fire about this plan. Through the Generosity Practice work, she went from several disparate marketing approaches to one integrated way to connect with prospective clients.

Help! I’m an Introvert – Genius #2

Emily designs gorgeous PowerPoint presentations, but as an introvert, she wrestled with how to market without being a social butterfly.  The Generosity Practice Marketing process helped Emily see that she could be herself while generating more business. The bedrock of her strategy is a strong referral network.  Once people see her work, they see the quality and happily refer business to her. Emily was nervous about interacting with groups, but as a designer who has worked in corporate art departments for years, she is a consummate pro with clients and brings formidable talent to her projects.  Instead of going out and chasing prospects, the business would come to her.  All she needs to have one-on-one conversations with marketing professionals, which she enjoys.   This strategy is already working for her.

Help! My Business is in Transition and I Can’t Market It – Genius #3

Kyle is a real estate attorney and his career is taking off.  His challenge though is how to position himself at a time when he has so much to offer.  He has wide knowledge of real estate-related law. Thanks to the Generosity Practice Marketing process, Kyle realized that he is a natural educator and simply wants to empower his prospects by sharing his knowledge.  As an attorney, he finds himself often educating clients and new real estate agents about real estate law.  He currently teaches a Homebuyer Course once a month, and decided that he wants to teach it 4x a month. He wants to regularly educate new agents, and during the course of our work, he figured out a way to consistently get his message in front of them.  Finally, he came up with a plan to create an online portal of educational videos that would showcase his knowledge and help others.  Many of these components were in the works, but the Generosity Practice Marketing process opened us his passion and gave it a unified vision.  Once he realized that education was the key, everything fell into place.

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