I Used GP for a Sales Negotiation

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I used to avoid selling like the plague. In fact, I would rather have huddled in a barn in northern Canada in the middle of a blizzard with lots of smelly, snoring moose than discuss money with a prospective client.

This avoidance never worked to my advantage. For example, when I spoke to school vice principals who wanted to hire me as a speaker, I found myself agreeing to all kinds of things that didn’t feel right, just because I didn’t want to get into a heated negotiation. I was afraid of losing the business entirely and of making an enemy. It was all very dramatic.

When a lucrative long-term contract ended in 2014, I knew I’d have to do some selling and soon. And the thought made me want to hurl. What if no one wanted my services? What if it took forever to get hired?  What if they said no?  Sales is high–pressure when you need the money. And I usually needed the money.

Enter Generosity Practice.

I amped up my practice, using it for several hours straight.  This took me fromfeeling like a burden with nothing to offer (old baggage) to feeling like a total contribution to the world. I actually felt radiant and ready.  And the bonus prize of this work? I knew the people I needed to call. Even better, all 3 people had well-paying, fulfilling work.

Let’s break this down a bit.  Yes, I felt like a total contribution, but there was more.  My intuition kicked in (“call these 3 people” instead of “let’s try calling 50 people and hope it works”) and it calmed me down, focused me and gave me confidence to reach out at all. 

At the negotiating table, I could listen to what they needed as I sipped my green tea and took notes.  It was actually fun to fully understand where they were headed, come up with a plan, and put together a contract that worked for everyone. That’s right. It was fun. No proving myself or posturing or pushing.

Did I mention this work paid well? With the powerful grace of Generosity Practice, I felt at home asking for the right money. (Can you tell I just want to talk your ear off about all the great things that happened? I will try to control myself!)

What a far cry from the pre-Generosity Practice conversations where I could hear my voice shake as I made concession after concession.

If you would rather make a salad out of poison ivy than sell yourself or your business, I get it. I’ve made a free live webinar just for you.