What If You’re an Introvert?

Christina Frei Generous Businesses, Generous Marketing, The Benefits

If you’re an introvert, you might wonder if you have a marketing genius.  Maybe your ideal way to connect with new people is staring into your green tea and thinking about them.

But you do have a marketing genius, a way to connect with people where you come alive and they get something valuable out of it.

A great example of this is Jane Pollak, a women’s leadership coach in New York City. 

Jane’s zone of genius is in bringing out the best in the women she coaches. Her tag line is “Leading Women to Uncommon Success.”

Also, she is an introvert.

Jane is not the one who’s going to work a room.  However, like many introverts, Jane is a confident speaker and does well when surrounded by people she knows.  Remember that speaking to a group has a similar dynamic to speaking one-on-one.

So how did she tap her genius?

Last summer, the answer came in the mail – an invitation from Jane for a client appreciation event.  (It was a cool design, featured in the photo of this article).

As a previous client, I was thrilled to be invited to her midday event in a historic white colonial community space in downtown Westport, CT.  Jane’s events are always classy, business-building, and filled with insights.  I said yes.

On a hot, sticky July day, I entered the cool room and immediately saw several other close friends whom I had met through Jane’s work. There were 50 of us, all women who were up to something big. Appreciation and energy were in the air.

Jane had each of us introduce ourselves and share our current projects.  Much of this turned into Jane-appreciation, just because she had been a catalyst for every one of us.

She then facilitated us in a version of Power Shuffle, a circle game where Jane said “I’ve published a book” and whomever that applied to would step into the circle. As basic as this seems, it was profound to see the different women who stepped forward for each item.  We quietly discovered who was raised in what tradition, who came from which income bracket, who had parents living or dead. It humanized the room. 

After some group work, we enjoyed a farm-to-table type meal with an exquisite green salad and tender salmon, which topped off a delightful half day. We got to meet each other, celebrate our successes about ourselves and have a little fun.

It was a generous offering for her clients, but was the event in Jane’s marketing genius as an introvert? Remember, her specific genius is bringing out the best in the women she coaches.

Jane shared with me that the event suited her perfectly as an introvert and as someone with her particular genius.  Not only could she speak to a group (a common introverted strength), but she was actively coaching women to their best for 4 hours.  The fact that it was a group was OK, since she knew everyone.  In fact, she left feeling energized.  Add to that, she enjoyed being generous, and she even got a couple new clients out of it. 

In other words, Jane gave her best stuff to folks who totally appreciated it, and the whole thing made her come alive. Everybody wins. This is marketing genius in action.

If you’re an introvert who is ready to discover your particular Innate Marketing Genius, let’s talk. It’s time for you to feel energized and vital while bringing in new clients.