What is Innate Marketing Genius?

Who are you in your marketing? A doormat trying to please everyone? A poser trying to impress us? A desperate dog chasing us for business?

There’s another possibility you may not have considered. You could be a total contribution. Not a martyr or do-gooder, but someone making a difference in a unique way that has magic, power, and relevance.

Your Innate Marketing Genius archetype is the way you come alive in service to others.

And at the risk of sounding cheesy, it’s the best thing ever when you discover your own. They should be making t-shirts, having parades, and crafting special beer to celebrate this stuff.

In my 2016 initial studies, I noticed that common strengths appeared amidst all the unique geniuses. These turned into the 5 IMG Types. And even knowing your type will focus your marketing immediately.

For example, a Celebrator doesn’t need to worry about impressing people with their expertise. They simply need to invest in bringing the good life to their community.

Even if you don’t know what your specific genius is, it’s a gorgeous thing. It glows. It changes lives. It ignites you. It’s you turned up to 11. It’s the reason people will read your stuff first and respond to it.

It shows your capacity to help others from moment one.

I want you to claim it and be the luminous contribution you are – in your marketing (not only in your work).

This can be uncomfortable at first. You are stepping out into the world, invested and engaged.

You will be rejected. That’s a given.

But generosity undergirds this archetype, which is the strongest fuel I know, so it will sustain you. When you operate as a deep contribution, things roll off your back. It’s a bigger game.

The Two Levels of Depth to Your IMG

  1. Your Innate Marketing Genius type. Your type is your baseline. Create meaningful, relevant, action-oriented content and focus your marketing energies by knowing your type. Discover it in this assessment.
  2. Your Unique Marketing Archetype. Within each type, there are countless individual archetypes, your unique version of Innate Marketing Genius. This is Step 2 of my 4-Month One Voice One Strategy program, which I uncover through a 90-minute proprietary process. This will change how you do marketing forever. I do complementary Marketing Discovery sessions to explore what’s possible for you in this work.

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