What is the Generosity Practice?

The Generosity Practice…

…creates the optimum marketing mindset.  It’s an 10-minute daily inner practice where you give your best stuff to those who appreciate it.

Basically, the essence of great marketing.

And it changes everything.

When you use it, you go from feeling like no one gets you to playing a bigger game.

…from depletion from caring too much to caring, feeling up for it, and enjoying your contribution all at once.

…from discomfort about being seen to feeling like the spotlight fits you just fine if it’s in service to your mission.

…from being on a constant learning cycle to an inner knowing about moving forward.

30 Day Generosity Practice Mastery Program

All of this means you have chosen a unique path and now you’re interesting to your audience. You are different.

This work facilitates a Stage 3 in your Personal Evolvement, which is truly a great thing. I talk more about this here. To summarize, nourishing yourself is aligned with how you serve the world.  Game changing.

Remember the last time you joyfully gave to others?  How everything started flowing? How giving was enough and you had no strings attached? That’s what happens regularly with the Generosity Practice.

This is how you want to connect with your prospects, after all.

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