What Makes Nurturers Different

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In the middle of nowhere sit a dozen empty chairs in a circle around a large rock.  You sit on a wooden chair perched in a small indentation. Pine trees tower over the area, protecting you from the wind.  It is silent with the exception of a little breeze and a small bird.  You sit quietly gazing out at the valley below and take a deep breath.

As you exhale, a woman in a puffy red gown appears out of a cloud and joins you on a nearby chair.

You:     Marketing Fairy Godmother.

MFG:   You seem remarkably calm.

You:     [smiling] I am. And I’m marketing, believe it or not.

MFG:   What is all this?

You:     Well, I listened to what you said and followed my Nurturer Genius. I used to focus only on goals and helping people achieve them, and yes, that’s necessary. But I need to lead with a pain point and show people I can bring relief. For example, how difficult it is to meditate if you’re a parent of five children.

So here I am at a program where people are tackling a big pain point: their life purpose.  Within a workshop experience, I offer a special kind of relief through some exercises. Not simply ideas about relief, but actual relief.

I address the pain point and take them through an experience. That’s what I created here on the rocky hill today, a workshop to give them tools to relieve them of their pain point. My group have just gone to take a break.

MFG:   Ah, I see. I should be going then.

You:     No, no! Stay. We have time. I’m just enjoying the moment.

MFG:   Well, I must say, you’re glowing.

You:     Thank you.  This all feels right. And people seem so transformed, they have already been asking to meet with me to explore this approach further. Who knows where that will lead?

MFG:   They are lucky to have you.  You have mastered your Nurturer Archetype.

You:     A little celebration?

MFG:   I never miss an opportunity. Here.

You:     Wow. Salmon dill scones.  They’re practically quiche!

MFG:   Well, quiche can’t have all the fun. Tea?

You:     Ah, some lavender chamomile infusion. Perfect for today.

MFG:   Cheers. [there’s a clinking of small, decorative tea cups]

Do you want to master your archetype? 

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