What’s Next for America and How You Can Help

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Over the weekend, I was at the Women’s March in Boston. There were 100,000+ of us and it was a peaceful, life-affirming moment.  So glad I went, even though I’m not one for crowds.

Still, there is a widespread uneasiness about the future.

That is why when I heard Rob Bell’s Inaugural Robcast episode, I was floored.  The episode,  “Zach Exley Has a Plan for America”, episode #135, is so inspiring and practical, I had to share it with you. My marketing stories can wait a week.

Zach Exley brought politics to the internet and the internet to politics, starting with Howard Dean. He’s been part of MoveOn.org, he was involved in Barack Obama’s and John Kerry’s campaigns, and was a leader in Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

But he doesn’t stay on the liberal edge.

Zach is a lefter-than-left grass roots activist who complains that Democrats are too conversative, AND he lives in a white, Republican Christian town with his wife, where he goes to church and builds his community. He sees both sides with an open mind, and has found things that unite everyone over and over again.

No surprise that he has a plan for America’s political future.  Four hundred seats are up in the 2018 congressional election.  He knows how to get the right people to run, but he needs help.  That’s where you come in. You can help find great people to run for the next Congress.

Strangely, having an unqualified person in the White House (whatever your politics, you’ll agree that the guy does not have much political experience), opens the door for others to step into the national politics, not just career politicians and lawyers.

Listen to this podcast and check out the link below. This is a substantive way to make a difference: by getting community-supporting people to run for Congress in 2018, starting now.  This way, you can make a difference.

The Robcast:  Zach Exley Has a Plan to Save U.S.

The Website: Brand New Congress

And you know that friend who is freaking out about the future of our country? Please forward this to them.

Let’s do this.