When It All Falls Flat (Even When You’re Reaching Out Consistently)

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Your toes burn with frostbite as you pull your down coat tighter. The frigid air presses against your cheeks as you look out over the valley below. “It’s all falling flat.  I make calls. I connect with people.  But no one is interested. No one is taking action. Nothing is working…” You close your eyes against the harsh mountain wind when suddenly you hear a “poof.”

You:     Marketing Fairy Godmother!

MFG:   It is I.  [wraps black wool cape tighter around her magenta taffeta gown and blinks against the cold air] Let’s partake of this cozy cabin.

You:     [look to your right] Oh! I didn’t even notice that there. [You both enter a small wood cabin and sit by a roaring fire. MFG takes off her silver sparkly shoes to reveal purple and white striped stockings.]

MFG:   What seems to be the trouble?

You:     Well, I’ve been talking to my prospects but it just doesn’t go anywhere. Everything seems to be falling flat.  I’m putting in the effort. What is up?

MFG:   Ah yes, I see. [regards you carefully]

You:     What?

MFG:   You do realize that you actually have control over that?

You:     Over people not responding to me? Really?

MFG:   Marketing is about your inner game as much as it is about the right strategy.

You:     OK, I’m listening.

MFG:   You are likely resisting connecting with people.

You:     Me? Oh. Well, you might have a point. But what do I do?

MFG:   Well, acknowledging your own inner resistance is the most important step. Now you simply need to dissolve your resistance and choose a new thought pattern, like “I love connecting.”

You:     OK, but how do I dissolve the resistance?

MFG:   I can help you do it in 5 minutes. Let’s take a moment and take care of it.

[you both huddle close and important talk ensues]

You:     [a few minutes later] Wow. I feel different. I’m actually looking forward to talking to prospects again, and I have a good feeling about what they’ll do.  Where did my resistance go?  [Looks at phone] Hey! Two prospects have emailed me to set up a meeting!

MFG:   Delightful. Do you see what happens when you handle your resistance?  You might say you want to connect with prospects, but you still might be resisting it.

You:     I see that. Can we celebrate?

MFG:   [brings out rose-flavored macarons] Will these do?

You:     I love these! What tea did you bring?

MFG:   A jasmine green and oolong blend.

You:     It never gets old with you, does it?

MFG:   I like to keep things fresh.

Your resistance to marketing is something you can take into your personal practices. I just got certified in a whole-brain technique that will help dissolve resistance lickety-split and move you forward even faster.  Interested?

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