Who’s In Your Core Circle?

Christina Frei

I would not have a business today without my core circle. There would be no Generosity Practice training and no Innate Marketing Genius types.

When I say core circle, I mean a small number of people who know my business and know me, who are representative of my clients/prospects, and who are willing to test new services and give input.  Some are past clients, some are close colleagues in a networking group, and others are business professionals I’ve known for years.

They have become my informal consultants, people that give honest feedback as I tweak and perfect my offerings. Their willingness to try things and respond shapes everything I do, including my upcoming Innate Marketing Genius assessment tool (so excited!). Asking my core circle is a low stakes way of getting the input I need.

This core circle means I continually have client types trying my new offerings and having real experiences and results. This becomes social proof and case studies for articles, social media, and networking meetings.

This process means my core people have more buy-in, since they enjoy having an impact as they give input. Who wouldn’t? That way, they are pre-disposed to talk about me to others, and they simply know what I’m up to, which is marketing gold.

They also see me doing the good work of offering something new, taking their feedback and implementing it.  I listen to them. I’m out there trying things. I care.  That builds trust. 

Pretty much, everybody wins. And did I mention it’s fun? Yup. It’s fun.

Do you have one of these?

Here are 5 ways to build your core circle.

  1. Talk to your current business professionals, such as your accountant, attorney, etc. They know you and will have ideas and/or be willing to be in your core group. A great place to start.
  2. Attend Chamber of Commerce events and talk to people. Get your feet wet about networking and meeting people.
  3. Join a networking group (take your time to find the right one). Commit to 30-50 people each week. They will get to know you and be great candidates for your core group.
  4. Start a writing group for your business writing. If writing is a big part of your marketing, get 2-3 other people to look at your work every week or two, particularly if they are connected to your industry.
  5. Take a business class online or in-person, and get to know the participants. Some of my most valued allies are from business classes I took years ago. This is more time consuming, but you are developing skills and finding people for your core circle.

The best thing in life is being around the people you serve and paying attention to their evolving needs and desires.  Use it to stay relevant and profitable.  You will have fun. Really.

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