Yet Another Newsletter to Write

Christina Frei

Does writing a newsletter make you want to bite your hand off sometimes?  I get it.  Where to begin? What to say? Or if you have lots to say, how to focus and simplify? And if you’ve been doing it for a while, have you run out of content?


What if you could write a newsletter that feels like a personal letter you hand-wrote and sent via snail mail? You CAN write a newsletter that is relevant, insightful, and considerate.

Here is how:

The Personal Letter Method

  1. Think about two ideal clients you’d like to help and one prospect. See them in front of you (grab photos off social media, if you need a visual).
  2. Ponder what they wrestle with. Take your time here. Maybe jot down some notes. What really comes out as a big issue these days? (Be intuitive here)
  3. Get out a piece of paper and pen. (Remember those?)
  4. Write directly BY HAND to these three people as though it’s your best professional consult. Make it a personal letter. Mention details only they would know. Move them forward with your brilliant insights.
  5. Take a breath and step away from your work. Maybe go throw a football around for a while or chase a frog.
  6. Type the letter into your device.
  7. Edit it, and be sure to remove any details that don’t apply to your entire audience (things specific to those 3 people).
  8. Stand back and admire your relevant, authentic piece of work. Your audience will say, “I feel like they’re writing directly to me.” This is precisely why you’re doing this method and will make you stand out.
  9. Have someone else take a peek for more feedback. A great place to find someone is the Innate Marketing Genius FB community.
  10. Press send.



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