Yup, I’m a Nurturer

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This is part of a series of case studies that highlight each Innate Marketing Genius in action. To discover all five Geniuses, go here for a Diagnostic Guide.

There is a real estate agent in Cambridge, MA who wears flannel and jeans, and can ruminate about Jung and Ken Wilber while he finds you a place to live.  If you walked into the new local brew pub on the corner, he’d likely be there chatting with the bartender as he tried a couple dark ales.

At first glance, Nate looks, acts, and speaks like a Door Opener.  He explores new perspectives constantly and his buddies are all doing cutting edge, creative, tech-related things. But when we worked together and I identified his Innate Marketing Genius, he is squarely in the Nurturer category.  His specific genius is to love up his community, one person at a time.

Nate is the guy introducing the produce farmers from Stow to the organic dairy farmer from Medway, to maybe plan a joint fall harvest event.  He connects his startup friends with the owner of a brewery and they end up having an event there, so that the owner gets more business while his friends get to be hipsters. Everybody wins.

Recently, Nate helped a fellow real estate agent who was about to lose a deal, because a mortgage broker wasn’t giving them the attention needed. Nate happily referred one of his mortgage lenders to this agent, and the deal was saved. Nate commented, “In real estate we all work with each other at some point or another and it just makes sense to be helpful when possible.”

So Nate connects people with each other. Does this make him a Nurturer? No.  He could do the same thing, but simply be a shallow poser who schmoozes with people to be the “man about town.” Or he could be nosy and love getting in people’s business.

Instead, he creates sanctuary for his community one person at a time so that everyone thrives. He helps their businesses and he connects them with what they need to move forward.  People feel his care and generosity and they hire him because of that.

Just to be clear, other Innate Marketing Geniuses create community too. But it’s different. If you’re a Steady Presence, you might be on the board of a community organization, helping raise money and having events.  If you’re a Celebrator, you might sponsor a community garden and bring color to the neighborhood.  As a Nurturer, Nate connects with one person at a time and fosters their well-being.  He loves this and so do his people.

This is not as easy as it looks. Nate could be tempted by all manner of marketing strategies that other agents are doing. Their efforts probably seem cutting edge, clever, and effective. But they will only be a bunch of noise if Nate is not creating sanctuary and building community.

When this real estate agent operates as a Nurturer, people listen to him, people talk about him, and people hire him.  Wouldn’t you?



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