The Core Content Workbooks

The Core Content Workbook

Your greatest content comes from the value you’ve already given your clients. If you capture this, you’ll find everything you ever need to say. Create your content from your strengths.

Introducing – The Core Content Workbook

You will:

  • Conduct a 5-Client Field Study by looking at 5 representative clients and asking yourself all kinds of questions about your work together. Why did they come to you, what were their problems really, and how did you help them?
  • Bring out the strengths of your Marketing Archetype.
  • Distill this all down into your core (or pillar) content. It’s likely you’ll be surprised by the common threads in how you serve very different clients.
  • Turn this content into an editorial calendar, social media schedule, website content, and more.

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You will:

  • We walk through the 5-Client Field Study together.
  • We distill it down to the core content.
  • Result: Choose between home page content, editorial calendar, an entire email, 25 social media posts, or a talk outline. I will create this for you.
  • You will receive the fully completed workbook that you can use for years to come.

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