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There are powerful marketing mechanisms these days, such as social media advertising, automated email campaigns, and webinars. But it’s still tough to keep the human in this equation. Does your marketing feel like a human to human connection? It needs to foster trust that creates long-term client relationships.

What if I told you that there is a way to infuse everything you do with your unique human voice? This would make your marketing transformational instead of simply informational. This builds trust from the first point of contact.

In this talk, I share the One Secret to Bringing the Human Back into Marketing that will have you thinking differently about your entire marketing approach. From case studies of successful professionals to a chance meeting with your Innate Marketing Genius (yes, we all have one!), this isn’t your typical marketing chat! What’s for sure is you will walk away knowing your particular genius type and how to focus your marketing right away.


Her presentation was so great that almost everyone present signed up for a follow up consultation!

Earlier this week, our KW office staff arranged for a great speaker to come in and give a presentation on “Marketing for People Who Don’t Like Marketing.” Being in an entrepreneurial field, marketing is definitely important but never something “easy” to do. Christina Frei owns a successful company called “Innate Marketing Genius” and she discussed her 5 levels of marketing genius. Fortunately, our team LOVES marketing and actually excels at it compared to the average realtor… this is why our average Days on Market for getting homes sold is 32 days compared to the MLS average of 87 days!! ? Christina featured our team during her presentation as what she describes as the ” Celebrator” marketing genius. We love to share the successes of our clients, share the resources of our amazing affiliate partners, and in general we just LOVE what we do and try to always have fun doing it!??‍♀️? So the Celebrator genius definitely a great match in our eyes! Her presentation was so great that almost everyone present signed up for a follow up consultation with her to get some expert tips/ help on how to improve or discover their marketing genius ? She works with SEVERAL different industries, not just realtors! ?

Valerie King
Real Estate Agent, VK Realty Group


Many real estate agencies offer great ideas for marketing. But then there’s the question – where to start?

In her talk, Marketing for People Who Don’t Like Marketing, Christina Frei helps simplify and narrow down your marketing direction, so you can get out there based on your strengths. It’s not just a bunch of marketing ideas that turn into long to-do lists. She makes you feel like you’ve got this, that you can conquer the marketing game, and have fun doing it. Having seen her twice, I can it’s always a pleasure to hear her speak. She connects with her audience on a topic many of us would rather avoid. Good stuff.

Christopher Mooney
Real Estate Agent, J. Barrett & Company


I think you will get my Innate Marketing Genius, and be able to give me direction in the right way so I don’t waste time spinning my wheels.

I enjoyed your talk so much today – and even though I’m new to real estate – and to KW, I happen to know the 3 people you highlighted in your talk. Jen is my coach. Diane is someone I felt drawn to immediately – and therefore jumped at the chance to shadow her at her open house last week. As for Adam, I often sit at a communal desk outside of his office. You nailed all 3 of these personalities. I think you will get mine, and be able to give me direction in the right way so I don’t waste time spinning my wheels.

Kathleen Spellman
Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams


Christina Frei gave her talk Marketing for People Who Don’t Like Marketing to my coaching professionals group recently.

I’m a coach who actually loves marketing, but I create extra work for myself because I don’t have a single focus.  Each coach on the call had their own unique challenge with their marketing. I wondered how everyone could benefit, and what I would get out of it.  But when Christina spoke to our group, it was GREAT!  It was fun and really engaging- I came away feeling relieved and totally pumped.  Every coach on the Zoom conference engaged with her, and I could feel the relief over the inter webs. We were all more prepared to dive into the marketing that made sense for us.  The webinar helped me see how to streamline my efforts in a way that would save me time and energy. My takeaway: I can do this in a way that’s really fun for me, and leverages my strengths.  I highly recommend!

Julie Boyer
Lead Coordinator for CTI Boston

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