The Treasures of One Strategy: Part 2

Christina Frei

Mastering one marketing strategy is like mastering a relationship. It takes time and if you give it love, it loves you back. 

I tend to get greedy for all kinds of marketing vehicles.  This is how the conversation goes in my head: “Ooh! I’ll just take that marketing webinar series and try THAT strategy. Ooh! There’s another thing I could try. Ooh!….And since I’m SO SMART, I KNOW I can master it. Doing one strategy is boring and leaves me vulnerable. I need to do it ALL!”  This voice is exactly why we need coaches and outside help to focus. 

As I mentioned in Part 1, mastering one strategy (in my case, speaking) has brought all kinds of treasures I couldn’t imagine. Here are seven more of them, all of which make me happy I didn’t listen to that voice in my head.

  1. Gorgeous, Effective Marketing Materials: I make sure my marketing materials are well-designed and effective, such as my flyers, my web pages, my talk slides, and my video testimonials.  This is doable with only one marketing strategy.  For example, improve my Keynote slides every time I give a talk. After two years, they are looking good, if I do say so myself.  I’ve mastered the challenging bits of the talk too – such as how to introduce myself without sounding egotistical or needy, underscoring what this material means in people’s daily lives, why people should sign up for my email list, and why they should meet with me at all.  It’s all seamless now. I gave myself the chance to get good and it worked.
  2. Ease with Other Marketing Channels:  I can feature talks on any social media vehicle, I post photos of the talks, I announce them in this newsletter, and I mention my talks at any network event or networking meeting I attend. So one marketing vehicle becomes many.
  3. A Clear Ask: We business owners like to help each other, so I have a clear ask:  a real estate agent they know, like, and trust and/or someone who works at a co-working space. These contacts lead to talks.  It’s easy to help me.
  4. The Video Version: Enough people have asked to see the video of my talk, so I recently hired a professional to film it. I had done this talk so many times,  I only needed one take. I can send the video to venue organizers, use snippets of it for my newsletter and social media, and even turn it into a webinar if I choose.
  5. Mastery Opens Up Another Opportunity: Because my speaking strategy is almost on auto-pilot, a new opportunity is opening up for me: podcasting. I know so many brilliant people from my talk travels and through my clients, this is the next organic step. It’s time to share all my connections over a podcast format. Stay tuned for more on this. I plan to let this unfold slowly and organically, just like I did with speaking.
  6. Credibility: Because I regularly give talks and have mastered this vehicle, my clients treat differently.   They’ve seen my professionalism at every stage of the process, and so they act professionally towards me by showing up on time and really engaging in our meetings. Great work comes out of this. 
  7. Fun: It’s really fun to do something well. Every time I give my talk, I enjoy myself more. I get more present to the audience. I can be sassy and have fun with folks and stay on mission.  Some day I might break into song, but we’re not there yet. 

Phew! I know, I couldn’t believe it myself. All these treasures! This comes with knowing your One Voice and One Strategy and digging in. 

As a matter of fact, I have a program called One Voice One Strategy. 

Want to explore your current marketing in a no-pressure Marketing Discovery session? We look at what’s working and what’s not working and see what’s next.  I’m happy to share about the One Voice One Strategy program, if it’s a fit. 

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