The Treasures of One Strategy: Part 1

Christina Frei

Like me, you may have doubted that one marketing strategy is enough, that taking the time to master one thing means leaving business on the table. After all, there are so many shiny toys calling

I find this a daily struggle, which is why I had my own coach for 1.5 years for my speaking strategy.

I started out pretty lost as a speaker, doubting if this would ever work, having empty rooms and canceled talks, and wondering how to effectively to collect names for my email list and convert people into clients. It was like building a business on quicksand.

Imagine my surprise when I recently paused after 2 years of speaking and looked at the many treasures that have come from this marketing focus.

I know how edgy it can be to stick with one strategy, so I want to share all the goodness that has resulted from this focus.  I’m dividing this into two newsletters, that’s how many treasures I found.   I can hardly believe it myself. Maybe you’ll be inspired to simplify your marketing life from this example.

  1. Consistent Email Signups, Prospect Meeting Signups, and Sales: After few fits and starts, I now get 90-95% email signups and 1/3 prospect meeting signups.   This meant testing my talk freebie, getting clearer on the value of my prospect meetings (my Marketing Discovery sessions), and helping folks make good decisions – like to work with me. (!) My conversion rate is at about 1.5 talks to 1 client, although there are still many variables. This makes it easy to plan my year. Talks are a solid engine of business.
  2. The Bigger Opportunities are Knocking: Although I’m still exploring new venues with lots of trial and error, I’m getting bigger opportunities with one particular organization. I’ve done dozens of talk for them and they’ve invited me to do a regional talk, a trade show, and we are currently talking about a national conference. 
  3. Staying Lean, Mean, and Relevant: Business owners wonder if their marketing matters to anyone, especially when the crickets are chirping.  With one strategy, I can consistently improve and stay relevant based on my audiences’ response, which ensures engagement. One example is the talk title. My new signature talk is Marketing for Humans: Bringing the Human Back into Marketing, since event bookers and audience members told me this is where they struggle. Yes, I need to change some content and marketing materials, but with one marketing strategy, it’s manageable.
  4. Great Clients: Through focusing on speaking, I have learned to be direct about how I work with people. The result is great clients, people ready to work, transform, and go big. Since I show how my approach is unique in my talk, the right people come knocking.  
  5. Almost Auto-Pilot: I’m invited back 90% of the time, which means less trial and error with new venues. This makes things easier.  Once I get 25 quality venues where I speak twice a year, I won’t have to work as hard to get booked.  I’m about 70% of the way there. 
  6. Featuring Rock Stars in My Talk = Deeper Connections: Let’s say I’m giving a talk at a real estate office in Andover, MA.  I interview a marketing rock star from that office and feature them in my talk. Their fellow agents see a colleague on the screen and there are chuckles of friendly recognition at the agent’s marketing style. The agent or business owner appreciates being featured and a couple rock stars have become my clients. Note to self: even rock stars want to re-define how they grow their business.  Some get featured in my newsletter / blog as case studies of Innate Marketing Genius types. They refer others to me. The benefits go on and on.

OK, I’ll stop there for now.  Pretty cool, huh?  These results are possible for almost any strategy you choose. When someone randomly asks me what the best strategy is for their business, I say, “The strategy you stick with.”  Of course, I recommend choosing a vehicle where you can naturally connect with people, but in the end, mastery is mastery.

Stay Tuned for Part II.